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No Rest on this Beach, a summer tale for Patreon

Part of my continual crosspost/mirroring project, saving all of my Patreon posts to my WordPress site

This is just a little story of summertime and beaches, because I wanted to. 😎

At first, we all thought it was some asshole in a particularly good Godzilla costume.

There was a convention going on, after all, just a couple blocks away, and there were at least three people within sight wearing a Deadpool mask, a matching speedo, and nothing else, to say nothing of the Warhammer angel stoic in her black armor over on the boardwalk.   I myself was one of at least five women in Wonder Woman swimsuits getting a little surf-and-sun on in between panels. Continue reading

Side Quest – a Camp NanoWrimo Story – Three: The Black Missive

Three: The Black Missive
by Lyn Thorne-Alder

The walk to the strange man’s cave was only an hour because of the rolling limp that affected his walk, and, it seemed, his speech patterns. He would go up and down, up and down with his tales as they walked, telling Raizel all about the Empire’s plans to read everyone’s mind, only to turn around and whisper, so very quietly, that the birds were there to spy on him, and then be back to shouting again.

Three times, Raizel offered to go on ahead, and three times he turned her down, each time more angrily than before. The last time, he swept both hands in wide denial, as if clearing off a table. “You only want the falcon for yourself! I will get some other child to get it, someone who is less greedy!”

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