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A New World, a beginning of a story

Kael drifted off in a haze of fumes.

It hadn’t been exactly what she’d intended to do, but the Blessed Mugwort and the Watery Cress together ought to create a long and dreamless, ageless and still sleep, even if she’d been aiming for more of a quiet watching throughout the ages. Something must have gotten in the mix – probably that last batch of adventurers.

Kael dreamed of a time when such idiots didn’t come traipsing through, just because her tower was black, or just because they’d heard that she was generous with the potions that they needed.

She closed her eyes. This hadn’t been meant to put her to sleep. It really ought to bother her, she thought.

But it was such a nice dreamy sleep. And she couldn’t hear the stupid adventurers anymore.

She woke. She felt stiff and hazy, a little bit lost. It had been a very nice dream, the sort of dream where people came and pounded on her door and couldn’t get in. It was the sort of dream where the elves who had scorned her needed her help yet again, and she wasn’t there, so she didn’t even need to say no. She could just… not help, no guilt, no problem.

She rubbed her eyes and found they were covered with a thick layer of dust. Dust. That had meant to be a nap, even if a long one, not-

Kael sat up. Her tower room was just the same, stones where they belonged, potions covered in a thick layer of dust and grime. Everything was exactly as she had left it, except…

Except the walls were covered in a haze. The window was covered in blue smoke. The doorway was completely obscured.

Well, then. She had done it, if even by accident. She had taken her tower out of time and out of space.

The problem was, she supposed, why had she woken up at all? She had put no end time into the spell, because she had expected to end it herself when she was ready to move on.

She stretched and stood. Her body felt the same. Her robes looked the same – they had not mouldered away, although the dust had worried her for a bit. Imagine sleeping on forever while everything rotted away from her! Imagine rotting away herself while she slept!

She wandered to the windows and door, but the haze wouldn’t clear. Well, she wasn’t a wizard for nothing; she was going to have to clear the spell herself and hope that an unknown-length nap had not rusted away her skills.

Seventeen bottles later, one lit flame, and an incantation that sounded right and felt a little like nails ripping through her throat, she had eliminated the fog. Pleased and yet worried, Kael walked to her window to look over the countryside. She pushed away the heavy, thickly-spelled curtains.

She was greeted with grey and silver, white and black, noise and more noise. Her tower overlooked dozens and dozens of other towers, some of them nearly as tall as her proud and wild Black Tower. There were people everywhere, dressed in strange fashion and moving quickly about.

Kael sat down in her favorite armchair. How long had she slept?

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The Hidden Mall part IX

The door opened into sunshine.

That was at the same time the best and worst thing Abigail could think of. She dragged Liv into the sunshine, refusing to let go of her arm.

They were in an atrium, one a lot like the center of their mall – the mall they’d started out in. Sunlight poured in from the windows above. Trees grew up and over the center garden, and fountains bubbles and burbled through the trees.

Abigail looked up; the glass in the windows looked intact. She looked around; the floor was clean and she could see lights on. Those seemed like good signs.

“I don’t hear any people,” Liv whispered. “The fountains are really loud, but there’s no people.”

“One thing at a time. There’s also not nightmare clowns following us. Okay, let’s head this way…”
She was picking a direction more or less at random at this point. Maybe they’d run into a friendly shopkeeper. She hoped to everything she could think of to hope to that they didn’t run into any Beavers.

Rather than Beavers, the first thing they ran into was Vic Carter and three of her cronies. Abigail stopped dead, but Vic didn’t look at them and neither did the cronies. They walked along, down the center of the hall, not talking, not really seeming to see anything. Vic was smiling, not her normal sneer but a plastic expression.

Actually, Abigail considered, as she side-stepped to get a better look, all three of them looked plastic. Their clothes were shop-window fresh – Tammy Molner’s was even pinned a bit in the back, like they did on the mannequins – their walk was a little stiff, and their smiles were fake and silent.

“Did you-” she whispered to Liv. Liv wasn’t paying attention to her. Abigail turned to see what her friend was looking at.

Kevin. Kevin and Tommy and their friend Greg. Or, at least, that was Kevin’s distinctive Roman nose and Tommy’s short flat-top and Greg’s blue eyes. But they were wearing Tommy Hilfiger clothes, not Hot Topic and thrift-store and House of Guitars T’s. They were walking stiffly, not ambling. And they were all wearing little plastic Ken-doll smiles.

“Tommy?” Liv called out, before Abigail could even think about stopping her. “Tommy Bellaforte?”

He turned towards her. His eyes settled on her. The three of them started moving towards Abigail and Liv.

“Liv?” Abby was squeaking. She was fine with that. “Run.”



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Side Quest – a Camp NanoWrimo Story – Seven: Moving On

Seven: Moving On

The black-and-blue light danced upwards like a geyser and then seemed to be sucked downwards, towards the books.

​”No!” Trinner Traln shouted. Raizel glanced at him just in time to see him jerk away from Esterzon Gorenz and dart towards the idol.

The blue-black light seemed to suck him in. No, sucked in a portion of him, a light like that from the idol. It pulled out a Trinner-Traln-shaped shadow of strange mystical light and the whole thing was sucked into one of the tomes.

The specter was there in front of Raizel again. “Finally,” it croaked. It settled atop Trinner Traln – and was gone.

Among the tools in the chest was a flint and steel. Raizel lit a small fire and burnt all of the tomes, watching as the flames danced black and blue, stinking of evil.

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