Tír na Cali-Flight Rising



They had been meant to be field workers, fodder, perhaps sacrifices to the Goddess if the year was lean.

Their parents didn’t even know each other.  They had been “suggested” to breed by the simple expedient of feeding them the strongest aphrodisiac drugs and then locking them in a small padded room together with nothing else to do.  The farm needed workers, and, in a year like this, sometimes the Goddess needed a couple brought to her side to help them.  Nobody spoke of that, of course, like a pile of other things that nobody spoke of, but it still happened.

The field overseer looked at the two slender pre-teens.  They had grey eyes and red hair and sunburnt the moment the sun touched them.  They had an aristocratic pose and the boy looked almost exactly like the late Baron Tannen.

“These two aren’t for the fields or the Goddess,” he muttered.  “Consort save me, what am I going to do with them?”


Note: Canonically, Tír na Cali does not have human sacrifice, but hey, anything is possible. And I have recently gotten back into Flight Rising and, well, I’m in the middle of a breeding project – https://tootplanet.space/@aldersprig/912107 

And I was thinking about the draggies as people and…

There you have it.

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