Internet, Connection, Changes: A blog post

Our router gave up the ghost last week, leaving us with considerably less interwebs than we are used to, and, due to an Amazon misunderstanding (did you know Prime ever meant not-quick-shipping?  We didn’t!), this situation persisted through the weekend.

I (re-)read all of the Sandman graphic novels and Robin Hobb’s Assassin’s Apprentice.

I also started thinking about the time before we had two computers, and the time when we didn’t spend so much time on the internet that having one connection was a hardship.

1999: the apartment with a rotating roster of other people, the height of my LARP career, with a TV downstairs (Our current TV runs on wifi — Hulu, Netflix, etc) — and another four friends in the other half of the duplex.  

The next apartment, we had two computers, but I almost never used “my” computer; OTOH, T. was working nights and Iwas working days, so I could generally get enough internet time while he was at work.

As far as I can recall, it was 2007-8 before I started actively using my own computer frequently.  We moved to another town, I started posted Addergoole, and I knew just about nobody in my new town.  I got a Twitter account.  I sometimes actually used my Facebook account.

I lost touch with my Rochester friends — on purpose or by inertia — and started spending more and more time talking to my online friends.  My Rochester friends that I kept, in many case, became online friends. Some of them, having moved away before I did or soon after, had already become online friends for the most part.

And thus I went from sharing a computer to the concept of sharing internet being onerous.  And all that in only…


…well, I suppose a generation is long enough for such a change.



So!  How was your weekend?

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