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A New World: Made in the Ikitem Peninsula

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The fourth floor. She found herself smiling as she headed up the “public” stairs.  They had been cleaned up so much, she hardly recognized the area.  Of course, Joaon would not have wanted tourists getting slid back outside or put into a long sleep, not if the purpose was to bring some money in and, it seemed, educate people on Kael, or on her legend.

She stopped to read a plaque she’d missed on the first time up.

Kaelingrade Torrent-Step started her career brewing simple potions for her local village, in a time when potions were the bulk of the magic available to the common people. Continue reading

Moving Through the Bear Empire

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Deline slept more soundly than perhaps she should have, with a bounty hunter in bed next to her and, presumably, several more on her tail.

She woke in the early morning to see Carrone pacing back and forth in the small floor space of the inn.  He wasn’t talking, but he was gesturing as if he was having an argument, and every few steps he’d glare at the Bear-stone bracelet and the bloody welts the spell-rope had left.

“Time to get on the road.  We can get a bath at the next inn.”  She was pleased to see that he was startled and more pleased to see that he didn’t jump but just twitched a little.  “I’m going to leave you with your weapons, because your job now is to keep me alive.”

He worked his jaw.  “I’d rather stab you.” Continue reading