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Desmond’s Climb Thirty: People

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It took Desmond, Jefshan, and, to his surprise, Wesley, all working together, to get the group back on track.  “Desmond can go exploring the spare stairs tomorrow on his own time.  Right now, we’re working on getting to know our collars, remember?”

It wasn’t a rousing endorsement, but a pointed reminder from Jefshan about exactly how bad their collar rapport class had been got Kayay coming up with a question, and they were back to doing round-robin questions. Continue reading

♪Glee – Invitations♫




Rose was finding the people in Addergoole a little bit strange.

Yes, there were bullies, and yes there were nerds, or at least a few people in a little clique that she thought were probably nerds.

But on the other hand, there weren’t what she could read as popular kids, there were no sports, there wasn’t even a Math Olympiad or a Chess club – people seemed to group by their suites or their boyfriends/girlfriends or just not choose to clique up. Continue reading


To an anonymous Leopard (Rix’s) prompt during my Live Writing Wednesday.  I hope I got the prompt right, since I lost it in a chat delete. 

Fae Apoc, probably early post-apoc


“I owe you one.”

If there were words Uršula less wanted to be saying, she couldn’t think of them.

“Yep, you do.” Continue reading