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Conlang for Lexember!!

I am going to build a language for one of the Cursteroids races.

Today I am going to decide what I want it to sound like.


Okay, it’s a whistley language with some stops and some long vowels.

And since it’s LEX ember…
Feee-t’tpp, which will get a better transcription later, is a semi-onomatopoeic swoop/dive.

Oh, I guess this is a flying race. Good to know! Continue reading

About the New Patreon Fee Announcement: Options, Questions

 crossposted from Patreon.

So, Patreon has, over the last couple days, released first an announcement and then a clarification about its fee structure.  (here: )
What this means for patrons is a $0.35 + 2.9% fee added on to every pledge
I have been considering my options while flailing about with every other creator who thinks this is a horrible, awful, very bad idea. 
So far, I have come up with broadly three plans:
* try one of the Patreon “alternatives:” Gumroad, librepay, the Kickstarter one that isn’t out yet. (main problems: Librepay does not allow paywalled projects, which I like, and its format isn’t as robust, from quick looks.  Kickstarter isn’t out yet.  Gumroad has slightly higher fees, so that’s out, unless I misread their fee schedule)
* Start a newsletter I send out 2? times a month to subscribers.  Major problems with that: what do I do about different donation tiers?  And I really like the constant feedback and regular posting schedule of doing things every week). 
* Replicate Patreon in subscriber-locked posts, either on my wordpress blog or on a subdomain blog just for that.  (Main problems: the upkeep.  I might have to rely on people to tell me if their donation has expired). 
I really enjoy the format here at Patreon, although there are many options I would like that don’t exist yet (archiving, for one!).  I like being motivated to post every week, I like looking through reposts, and I like the stretch of things like the maps.  (*guilty glance at the map tag*). 
But I don’t think anyone needs to pay that sort of fee, when the whole idea was to encourage microtransactions. 

That’s not as important, however, as what you think, so please tell me: what do you think about my options?

Chasing Myths – a Fae Apoc story for Patreon

The Council had Geraldine chasing fairy tales and urban legends.

There were two things Geraldine knew without a doubt about the High Council of the Shenera Endraee.

The first was that they were immensely slow to change, change happening more often because a Council member had been overthrown (which occurred perhaps twice a millennium) than because they’d agreed to it as a group.

The second was that they were very, very attached to their regulations. Continue reading