Beauty-Beast 30: Ctirad

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“Mmm.”  Timaios’ hand settled on Ctirad’s back as he purred.  He looked as if he was going to say something else, but didn’t, merely moved with Ctirad, not quite steering him, into the bedroom as Sal went in the other direction.

When they were alone and the door was closed, Timaios looked Ctirad up and down.  “Stretch for me again?”

“Of course, sir.”  He thought he might be blushing. He stretched up towards the ceiling, then bent back, slowly, because he hadn’t done this in a while, until he could put his hands on the floor behind him.  Then, because he was feeling like showing off, he kicked up into a handstand before rolling down onto the floor into a kneeling position.

“My darling.” Timaios’ voice was warm.  “You are a work of art.   And I am truly sorry that I crossed the line when we were with Sal, and I am very, very proud of you for asking me not to anymore.”

Ctirad struggled against the surge of pleasure that went through him.  He lowered his head to the floor and waited, wordless.

“Oh, kitten.”  Timaios’ hand landed lightly on the back of his neck.  “Sit up for me, please.”

Ctirad sat up, feeling the hand still on his head, and then on his neck.  “Sir?”  It was almost a croak.

“Kit- no.  Ctirad.  You are lovely, and you are beautifully obedient, and you are sex incarnate when we are together, and I appreciate all of those things.  But I – no.  You need to know that I appreciate your mind, the way that you put details together, and your strength.”  Timaios tapped Ctirad’s chest.  “Your strength of will.  thank you for being willing to delve into painful memories today.”

Ctirad cleared his throat.  “Thank you.  Thank you, sir, Timaios, for giving me my memories back.”

“I hope that we can find some pleasant memories for you as well, as we go.  And…”  For a moment, Timaios looked almost shy.  “I’d like if we can also give you some new memories, some pleasant ones, as time goes on.”

Ctirad looked up at his owner.  “You could… you could order me to remember the good times, sir.  New good times.”

Timaios’ eyebrows shot up.  “You would want that sort of order?”

“To be honest, sir, it would be an interesting change from being ordered to forget things.  And I might like… being able to hold on to positive things.”  He ducked his head.  “There’s so little in here, memories rattle around and get lost.”

“Ctirad.”  Timaios’ hand was on his chin, gentle, but still an order.  Ctirad lifted his face to his owner uncertainly. “You are, for the rest of the night, not allowed to say bad things about yourself.  I would order you not to believe them, either, but that is a very dangerous road.  Now.  Might I have a kiss?”

He blinked.  “Sir?”  He was still processing the order, the I would order you not to believe bad things about yourself, the stern tone of Timaios’ voice.  He blinked again.

Timaios’ chuckle was rueful.  “Whiplash.  My apologies.  Would you like to cuddle, first?”

Ctirad swallowed.  Whiplash felt very accurate.  “I – yes, sir.  I would like to cuddle, please.”

“Then let’s sit on the bed, my lovely man, and cuddle away.”


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