Landing Page (in Progress): Faerie Apocalypse

The gods left this world thousands of years ago, but they left many of their descendants here on Earth.

Those children mated with humanity and with each other, hid in plain sight, and learned to use their magic without being found out,

In 2011, many of their children come crashing through the gates onto Earth and all of the rules changed again.

This setting is urban fantasy, apocalypse, post-apocalypse, and then rebuilding, depending on the era of the story.

Work in progress: This is my biggest setting, hands-down, and I expect the landing page to take quite a while to work out.

The Stories

It’s just an ordinary boarding school… right?  Okay, it’s underground.
Okay, the Lit professor has horns. And a tail.
The PE teacher has wings….
See for the original serials

Addergoole East

Alouetta’s Garden
Lady Aloutta’s Garden had many pretty flowers, many of them just dying to escape…

Black House
This is written for a Kink Bingo card and is… kinky, not to put too fine a point on it.
Gregori, the Kracken, is a character in Addergoole: Year 9 and “Exchange Students”, my Harry Potter/Addergoole crossover fic as well.

Briars and Vinegar
Long, long after the apocalypse, they come upon roses in the snow

Groundhog Day
She wants to save the town, or at least herself, but she can’t quite make it out of town.
She wants to save the town, but she
She wants to

Haunted House
Mélanie didn’t know what to expect from her new owner, but a house with a reputation for eating people was NOT one of her expectations.

Set in a far post-apoc time, they scrounge in what was once, long ago, a city.

He hadn’t meant to get in this much trouble, but now that he has, the Fox in the Henhouse has no idea what to do.

Spoils of War
She caught him trying to kill her; now they’re both running away.

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