Archive | March 7, 2018

Prideworthy – a story for Patreon


Headmaster Baarbaarbaar looked at the Tower.  Barely fifty years old, it had stood with the name of the third Head of School for that entire time.

Next to him, the Head of the Martial school looked on thoughtfully.  “Do you think it’s appropriate?”

“I think…” Baarbaarbaar spoke slowly, letting the thoughts circulate.  “I believe that we have always put the names of our most prideworthy graduates at pertinent places in the school.  And now that we have the Towers for each school, it makes sense to let their names, too, change with the pride of the school.”

“But…”  Allizh was a staid and placid-seeming woman who thought slowly but with great deliberation.  “This is the sort of thing that War house is proud of, yes.  BUt is it the sort of thing that the Academy is proud of?” Continue reading