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Edally Academy Houses II

Every one of the nine houses of Edally Academy has its own tower (which serves as a dormitory and social area), its own classroom building, its own uniform colors, and its own sigil.

Kaarson House covers Economics and Agriculture: the business, as their current Head of House has said more than once, of living and then of thriving.

Their uniform is fully in the realm of Rienaasanun (Reiassannon in the Bitrani): neutral brown, forest green, and grass green adorn these student of life and the living.

Their sigil is a parsnip, Reiassan’s signature starch crop, a stubborn root that will grow anywhere, even on the side of a mountain, and which can survive most of the natural predators to such things; the parsnip is crossed over the horns of a goat, the animal which serves the Calenyena as meat, milk, and wool source as well as serving as a riding beast.

Bapzhoom House houses those who wish to learn about anatomy and medicine.  This school has existed from the very first days, and its uniform being almost entirely in the realm of Mindfulness. Tienaabaa (Bitrani: Tienebrah), the deity of mindfulness and change, cold and thought, is still a matter of some dissension among various groups.  After all, Rienaasanun is the deity of healing… Continue reading

February Patreon in Review

Okay, this is a little bit late.  But here we go: What happened in my Patreon in February.

Things marked with an * are free for everyone to read. 

The theme was Return of the Light.

The new stories in theme:

Bring Back the Sun
They had done all the rituals in the days leading up to the solstice and the long night vigil of remembrance on the night itself.  They had lit the candles and sung the songs, they way their people had been doing since that horrible night so many lifetimes ago.  Continue reading