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Edally Story 2 – Just Good Enough

Chapter 6-11, Book One: Saydrie

The monitor had come down from somewhere in the north, escorted by two soldiers and walking as if she thought that the ground in the enclave would stick to her and ruin her boots.

The biggest building in the enclave was the Temple of the Three, but instead of that room, she had called them all into the town hall, every child of the appropriate age, past the changing of the voice but before the full adult growth had been reached.  Not that most of them weren’t already taller than the monitor, Saydrie noticed, not without some rather unkind pleasure.

She had a list of names and read them off – or attempted to.  “Genkee. Zadree. An- Tanton. No, I said Zadree.” Continue reading

Who are you In Edally Academy?

For a little fun, I’m going to go back to something I did a long time ago:

What would your name be in Calenyen?

But more than that, what student would you be in Edally?  What house would you be in?  Talk to me, and we can come up with your Edally/Reiassan name and student!

Here’s one version of Clare’s:

and @rixScaudu’s

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