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Headmaster Baarbaarbaar looked at the Tower.  Barely fifty years old, it had stood with the name of the third Head of School for that entire time.

Next to him, the Head of the Martial school looked on thoughtfully.  “Do you think it’s appropriate?”

“I think…” Baarbaarbaar spoke slowly, letting the thoughts circulate.  “I believe that we have always put the names of our most prideworthy graduates at pertinent places in the school.  And now that we have the Towers for each school, it makes sense to let their names, too, change with the pride of the school.”

“But…”  Allizh was a staid and placid-seeming woman who thought slowly but with great deliberation.  “This is the sort of thing that War house is proud of, yes.  BUt is it the sort of thing that the Academy is proud of?”

Baarbaarbaar had not come from Martial house.  He had not, as a matter of fact, form from Edally Academy at all, but from its sister school down nearly into Birtrani territory, [].  But he understood , perhaps better than those who had graduated from this place, how its dynamics worked.

“If this is a thing that War house is proud of, I believe it is a thing that all the school should be proud of.” He pinned a steady, penetrating gaze on Allizh.  “And in turn, I must say, that the things the Martial House are proud of ought to be things the school can hand with pride from its banners.”

“And you believe this counts?”  Allizh was smiling slowly.  Baarbaarbaar didn’t blame her; Martial House had never had the best reputation in the school. To have its school be the first one to have a whole tower named after a graduate was making a statement, one Baarbaarbaar was quite aware of.

“Tarrazedavven Fist Commander used tactics and cleverness, knowledge of the terrain and understanding of the enemy to bring home a decisive victory that will leave the Bitrani reeling for decades.  Yes.  I believe this counts.”  Baarbaarbaar nodded at the sign-painter, who had been waiting patiently  “And while I never knew her, from what I have read of her writings, I do not believe Headmistress Katzhairenner would mind, either.”

“Once you do this, every other House is going to be bringing you every graduate who does anything remotely interesting,” Allizh warned.

It was Baarbaarbaar’s turn to smile.  “I am looking forward to it.”

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