Edally Academy Houses I – colors and sigils – written for Patreon

Every one of the nine houses of Edally Academy has its own tower (which serves as a dormitory and social area), its own classroom building, its own uniform colors, and its own sigil.Kyokyoenet House (Kyoket*) is the martial house.

In modern days,  this school is sometimes thought to be useless, a redundancy in times when there is only Calenta filling the whole continent.  Still it remains, and classes in tactics, combat, and strategy are an essential part of every Edally student’s eduation.

Their colors are navy, orange-red, & red, red being the color of Veignevar/Viegnevaar, whose realm is  blood, fire, violence, death, and the hot season.  Their sigil is the sword, the leaf-blade gladius-type weapon that every Edally student learns at least basic proficiency in.

House Akaizepennen (Akaizen*) covers Mechanics and Engineering.

Some people think that this house ought to overtake Kyokyenet House, as Engineering is coming into its heyday in the time of the Edally Academy serial, and it is commonly believed (at least by engineers) that Engineering won the last (and final) war against the Bitrani, but arguments about what would then be the 9th house generally sidetrack those discussions.

The house colors are grey, orange, and red, as Engineering is considered to be in the purview of Viegnevaar as much as war is. Their sigil is a wrench and calipers, crossed, and if you look closely at the oldest representations, you can see that the calipers may be glowing slightly at the tips with aether.

Estiessyaa House (Estyaa*) is a bit of a catch-all, covering Diplomacy & Law, Counting & Accounting

This is a little strange, as Diplomacy is of the first things that the Edally Academy taught in its early days, but it is generally agreed that when accounting and finance became seen as sufficiently important they needed somewhere to put them, and the Diplomacy House was seen as the best fit.

The house colors are purple, cyan-teal, & bright red.  Estiessyaa House is the most likely to push the limits of the regulations on embroidery in their linens.

Their sigil is a scale hanging exactly in the balance, although sometimes graffitti shows the right-hand scale far down in comparison to the left, often weighed down with mysterious-looking stones.

* Calenyena like long names and shortened nicknames.  The most common sort of nickname is (first syllable)(last syllable/last part of last syllable)

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