Spring is Coming – a Blog Post

Spring is coming!  Dun-dun-dun.

I know this because the calendar says so, even if what the yard says is “hey, have another two inches of snow, since you haven’t had any in a whole day and a half.”

My yard is very helpful like that!

What that means is that I’m starting to itch to do renovation but I’m kind of limited in what I can do (also, still exhausted from DST.  Whoever thought this thing was a good idea?  Seriously).

This year we’re going to finish the bathroom (Oops) – that needs drywall and uh.  Well, probably a cabinet.  But mostly drywall.  Because it still barely has walls.

And hardware.  The pocket door is in but it needs trim and, well, a lock.

Can’t keep Oli in so he doesn’t eat the other two cats’ food when he can just… nudge the door open.


Okay, wait, that’s just what we’re finishing this year!

We are GUTTING OUR ATTIC!  I’m so excited!

Pulling out all that stinky old insulation (and mouse poop, sigh) and everything else (Bat skeletons) (old newspapers) (old porn CDs) and probably framing over the extant framing and ripping down all the walls (that’s before more framing) (the supports are, uh, a little small) and then having someone in to insulate the whole upstairs.

This is great.

This is not the part I’m excited about.

Truth be told, the part I’m excited about is probably 2019.

But it’s a single room for the upstairs, not 2 rooms, a bad closet, and two attic spaces, and BOOKSHELVES.

And eventually a half bath but did I mention BOOKSHELVES.

A whole wall of bookshelves, so many bookshelves.

… but first we have to pull out all that stinky insulation.

And the mouse poop.

And yet I’m still excited!

(*Whispers* Bookshelves.  Oh, and a murphy bed)

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