February Patreon in Review

Okay, this is a little bit late.  But here we go: What happened in my Patreon in February.

Things marked with an * are free for everyone to read. 

The theme was Return of the Light.

The new stories in theme:

Bring Back the Sun
They had done all the rituals in the days leading up to the solstice and the long night vigil of remembrance on the night itself.  They had lit the candles and sung the songs, they way their people had been doing since that horrible night so many lifetimes ago. 

Return the Day-Worker
The sun was almost setting when they noticed Vepit was gone.
Flicker, flicker,


Somewhere down the road, a tree cracked and fell.

Prodigal Hope*

There had once been Nine Hopes.

They had been more than people and yet somehow less; they had been above the bustle and yet below it; they had been the absolute core of civilization and that which it aspired to above all else.

Expectant Wood
Nimbus and her family were taking a trip down the Stamen of
Twenty: In the Shadows

For In-Depth Tiers:
Maps, Recipes, Trunks, and other such things.
Trunk Story: Sax and Violins
Map of Cloverleaf
Chocolate-Drizzled Popcorn

Theme reposts:

Tomorrow & Tomorrow, a repost story *

On this Day Reposts:
Diving deep, deep into the archives, *
I found some long-ago pieces posted On That Day
On This Day… a Pantoum *
On This Day… musings on a 2009 “interview” *

Heart Month Reposts
Because February is National Heart Month –
stories on blood, bloodlines, and other matters of the heart.

Meta and Bonus:
Reminds me of… Reiassan *
Easy Peanut Sauce – not really a recipe *
Light Stories *


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