Edally Academy Houses II

Every one of the nine houses of Edally Academy has its own tower (which serves as a dormitory and social area), its own classroom building, its own uniform colors, and its own sigil.

Kaarson House covers Economics and Agriculture: the business, as their current Head of House has said more than once, of living and then of thriving.

Their uniform is fully in the realm of Rienaasanun (Reiassannon in the Bitrani): neutral brown, forest green, and grass green adorn these student of life and the living.

Their sigil is a parsnip, Reiassan’s signature starch crop, a stubborn root that will grow anywhere, even on the side of a mountain, and which can survive most of the natural predators to such things; the parsnip is crossed over the horns of a goat, the animal which serves the Calenyena as meat, milk, and wool source as well as serving as a riding beast.

Bapzhoom House houses those who wish to learn about anatomy and medicine.  This school has existed from the very first days, and its uniform being almost entirely in the realm of Mindfulness. Tienaabaa (Bitrani: Tienebrah), the deity of mindfulness and change, cold and thought, is still a matter of some dissension among various groups.  After all, Rienaasanun is the deity of healing…

The debate will likely continue for another few centuries; in the meantime, Bapzhoom House students will continue to wear Periwinkle, light sky blue, and blue-teal.

Their sigil is the mortar and pestle, a nod to those times when all medicines were created that way; in some drawings of this, the mortar is top half of a skull, and the pestle is a bone.

House Heikyoana (Heikya*)

Ahhhh, now we get to the heart of this setting: House Heikya is the House of Alchemy.

It has always been the house of moving the aether, although in earlier times they called it the sira and called the House that of Magic.

Now people engage in chemistry, seeking to learn all there is to know about the aether that imbues their world.

They wear a uniform of silver-grey, turquoise, and cyan-blue, their nod to Tienaabaa and to the world of science and the cold reason (silver, the color of no gods at all) that they claim to espouse.   Their symbol, entirely unsurprisingly, is the alembic.  On occasion, it is drawn with more flasks or with fire underneath it.

* Calenyena like long names and shortened nicknames.  The most common sort of nickname is (first syllable)(last syllable/last part of last syllable)

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