Edally Academy Houses III

Every one of the nine houses of Edally Academy has its own tower (which serves as a dormitory and social area), its own classroom building, its own uniform colors, and its own sigil.

House Gepmingippai (Geppai*) are the people you want to talk to if you want your school uniform to fit right; they are the school of Fashion and Textiles.

Weaving and knitting,  sewing and embroidery are all the purview of House Geppai. (GEP-pie).  Their perfectly-tailored, usually very carefully embroidered uniforms are in goldenrod, fushsia, and lime, the most brilliant colors that they can dye and nodding to no one god at all.

Their sigil is a needle athwart a loom, or just the needle, sometimes crossed with knitting needles.

Tyono House educates its students in the Arts (separate from textiles, yes).

This is a bit of a touchy subject for many Calenyena, as the word for art for many centuries in the Calenyen language bore their “useless” grammar marking.  Thus, for many centuries, Tyono House focused solely on “useful” art: maps; portraiture of notable people; architecture; diagrams and technical drawing (dovetailing with Akaizepennen here); mosaics, often in geometric patterns; punched-tin representations of constellations, and so on.

Their uniform is yellow-gold, cyan-green, & light indigo and their sigil is a paintbrush crossed with a chisel.

Onadyano House (Onano*) is the school of History and Language, Philosophy and Religion.

Historians and those who debate the meanings of just about everything are in those house, linguists and those who write what the future will be.  While some future leaders have gone to Estiessyaa House, just as many  have come from Onano.

It is no coincidence that their colors sit between those of Veignevar/Viegnevaar and those of Tienebrah/Tienaabaa: violet, scarlet,  & dark sky blue.  War and the mind are very connected in history — and in what is written down as history.

Their sigil is the scroll and pen, and while Calenyena do not have a saying about the pen being mightier than the sword, people who know Onano graduates may coin that saying quite soon.

Portrait of the Author in Onano House Uniform by Inspector Caracal

* Calenyena like long names and shortened nicknames.  The most common sort of nickname is (first syllable)(last syllable/last part of last syllable)

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