Thimbleful Thursday: Vent

Content warning: Barbie nudity discussed, technology/human hybrid

“The trick has always been balance.” Idella Passmore had that dangerous combination of skilled enthusiasm and charisma; the tour group was listening intently, despite having no idea what she was talking about. “You want sufficient technology to retard or stop decay, of course, but people want to be people. This particular model involves a cybernetic torso with a RealSkin(tm) cover. Most of the organs have been replaced, but the brain remains and the heart continues to pump blood. In some cases, we choose to keep the uterus; in some we replace the heart with a technological marvel like our HeartPump2000.”

The human model shifted and posed, showing off her cybernetic torso, her human hands, the RealSkin(tm).

“Of course the RealSkin(tm) has synthetic nerve endings, although those can be turned off.”

The model had no nipples, but she brushed her hands alluringly over her perfectly pert breasts.

“What’s that?” An older man pointed to a small, nearly-hidden port in her side.

“Oh, that.” Idella smiled engagingly. “That’s new this year. It’s a gall vent. Bad feelings, anger – just push a button and it all goes away.”

The model pushed a button; a thin stream of greenish ick flowed out and into a cup. She set aside the cup and smiled brightly at them, brushing her hands over her artificial breasts.

Written to June 28th’s Thimbleful Thursday Challenge: Vent One’s Gall

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