Hidden Mall 35: Miss Piggy

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“Quelle est cette merde dont vous parlez?!”  

Abby blinked and froze.  Liv — probably Liv-1 — rescued her.

“Pardonnez-moi?” she started, in her best offended Miss Piggy.

Then the other one picked up with a line of offended-sounding French, which the first Liv picked up a moment later.  Abby — she had taken Spanish; Liv had taken French. It hadn’t actually been their first fight, but it was the first one that had nearly ruined their friendship.

A few offended exchanges later— Abby caught “merde” a few times, something about Colonials, and something clear about The Enemy — the Livs had gotten through something to …

.… to, Abby realized, belatedly and with a little jump — someone who looked a lot like Vic Carter.  Only pretty. And fashionable. And totally unfazed by the Twin Livs.

Up and left.  She looked around the area.  They couldn’t do any further up, but left seemed to take them down a stub of a hallway.  She gestured in that direction.

The Livs, she realized, a little belatedly, were trying to get French Vic to come with them.

That was an awful idea.  For one, she was going to realize very quickly that Abby spoke no French.  For another, she clearly thought English was merde, which was going to make everything super awkward.  For another, she was Vic Carter, only snobbier than usual.  And prettier, which was just unfair.

She shook her head.  Liv gestured at her, and then at Vic, and explained something in rapid French.

Abby got just enough to understand that Vic could… mayday…. them on their bon voyage?  Something like that.

Oh, help them.  Oh!

Abby barely managed not to put her face in her hands.  Yes, it was an awful idea. But it was HER idea.

She sighed.  “Oui,” she managed, and went down the hall, letting Liv and Liv follow her, still arguing with Vic.  They got to the door, a little side door next to a nail salon.

No was pretty clear in any language, especially when alarmed.

Abby had a decent idea about the rest of it – something along the lines of “you can’t go in there.”


The Livs looked at Vic, looked at Abby, and seemed to reach a decision.   One of them grabbed her pocket; the other one grabbed her left hand. And both of them grabbed Vic.

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