Giraffe Call: “WTF?!?”

Short version:

The theme is “WTF??!??”.

Leave as many prompts as you want.

If you tip $3 or more, are a Patreon at the $3 or higher level, or if another prompter tells me they came here from your signal booster, I WILL write to at least 1 of your prompts.

All others will be written as mood, time, and inspiration permit.

In addition: for every $3 you tip, I will write 200-400 words continuing the prompt-call story of your choice.

The WTF?!? Prompt Call

Here at House Thorne, we are in the middle of renovations to the second floor (“attic”) of our cape cod-style farmhouse.

We’re turning what was two knee-walled attic spaces (unfinished) and two separate “rooms” into one large room, ripping out all of the insulation, and replacing it with blown-in closed-cell foam.

Which, because our house is 150 or so years old, will require adding in framing at almost every step!

This is looking – framing, insulation, drywall, and flooring –  to be approximately a $12,000 project.

My goal is to pay for 5% of that from Patreon funds and 5% from this prompt call.

To that end, I am asking you to leave prompts to the theme “WTF”, and, if like what you read, to leave a little money in the WTF jar.

You don’t need to tip!  All prompts are welcome.  But tipping will guarantee that I write your prompt, AND get you more words.

In addition:. The more tips we get, the more things EVERYONE gets:

$50 – Cat Picture, probably with dirty paws.

$75 – 1/8 of the way there! – I will post a picture of the author in her first home renovation project (age 5)

$100 — and every hundred thereafter — Mr. Thorne will write a piece on some portion of the “wtf” in the house.

$150 – 1/4 there! –  I will post a photo essay of some particular “wtf” area of the home & its renovation

$225 3/8 there! – I will find one more photo of the author in her first home renovation!

$300 – halfway there!  I will pick three tipping/Patreon readers to receive one 100-300-word continuation of their choice.

more rewards to come!

For “what is a prompt call?” or “Why Giraffe?” see here

6 thoughts on “Giraffe Call: “WTF?!?”

  1. 1. You walk into the room and freeze. Your cat stares back at you. ‘WTF?!?’

    2. WTF?!? That is not how you expected that spell to pan out.

    3. But he –? And you –? And the EXPLOSION — WTF?!?

  2. *resists the urge to prompt for Autumn and her hair, cause that was a WTF*

    Another person discovers the tiny people living in their walls in Dragons Next door (or continuation of the one that was started a while ago).

    More of the “first contact” between Riessan and the empire across the sea.

  3. You’re walking down the street when something catches your eye; glancing up, there’s a little humanoid creature bouncing along the rooftops, keeping pace with you. WTF?!

  4. A discovery in the cabbage patch.

    Another learning experience.

    When was the last time anyone cleaned out the refrigerator?

  5. * Are alien invasions supposed to be this polite?
    * The Cali resident who fell on hard times, utterly of their own fault, and is punished with… privilege and power?
    * “Are closet fantasy worlds supposed to be so futuristic and shiny?”
    * That time a character performed a ritual intended to reveal who was responsible for the country’s ills and summoned the author.
    * “Has the ATM always had *these* options?”
    * The time the dragon found one of the local village kids trying to add their own treasures to its hoard.

  6. Okay, responding to a certain HINT from you:

    * WTF? In the Bear Empire, Deline and Carrone while leaving town walk over top of hill and see… the shopkeeper approaching them.

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