What The… Doll?

Written to Del’s prompt to my new “WTF?” Prompt Call.  This Miiiiiight be Science! or Dragons Next Door universes – what do you think?

I suppose I had nobody to blame but myself.

I’m one of those compulsive “clickers” that likes to play with online dollies, you know ‘dress up Soldier Sapphire!  Make a Fashion Doll!”

It’s not a habit I really admit to people in real life, but the online world has always been different.

So when “make your mini-mi!” came up in the advertisements for one of the sites I like a lot – they have wings!  And some pretty funky skin colors! – I couldn’t resist clicking.

And then I spent an hour playing – maybe two hours – it could have been three.  All I know is that when I was done, I had a nice little character that looked “just like me.”

I mean, if me had blue hair. 

And cat ears.

Don’t forget the tail.

Has to be wings.

But me!  Just slightly, ah, chibi-fied and slightly bluer and cattier than I am in real life.

So I saved it, tooted it, closed the window, and forgot all about it.  I mean, another dolly.  That’s not the sort of thing that really sticks in my head.

It was a week later – not really an exciting week, or I might never had made the connection – when I was walking down my favorite creek-side path and something caught my eye.

A bird?  Around here the wildlife gets really brave.  I tuned to look, trying to be slow and smooth to not startle it away.


As if I had to worry about startling it away.

There in front of me, just above my head, there was a mini-me maybe eight inches tall.

My face, my eyes.  Blue hair.  Wings.  Don’t forget the cat tail and cat ears.

And it was smiling, the same almost-closed-mouth smile I do in pictures.  Smiling down at me, hovering in mid-air.

I suppose I really should have read the fine print.

I gave it a place of honor on the shelves in my office, and I just hope nobody notices it before I come up with an explanation.

But god help me, it’s a mini-me.  It’s started talking already and it just won’t stop.

What am I supposed to do with this – this thing?

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2 thoughts on “What The… Doll?

  1. *ponders the BJD folks I’ve run into* What should they do? Start setting aside a budget for doll clothes, furniture, and other accessories. Oh, and plan on ending up with more Mimi-Mis. 🙂

  2. *grins* That is so neat! I like that she flies!

    I will admit, digital dolls are a lot easier to store.

    There was one company, sadly out of business, that did 3D printed dolls, and you did design them with an interface a lot like the digital doll sites. It was a neat idea.

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