A Blog Post! Season Change (more or less)

It is finally just about Spring!


But, Lyn, you say, Spring started back in March.


Yes, I saw the calendar.  


But let me tell you, I live in the northeast.  And “Spring”, as far as I’m concerned, starts when you can go outside without a coat.

Or possibly when the daffodils bloom.

Which my brain suggests is always Palm Sunday, even though that’s not true.

Okay, let’s see, there’s like three things to unpack here.

First: There’s a reason Reiassan only has three seasons. “Spring” in Rochester is… not really a thing.  It generally goes cold-cold-cold-hot-HOT-cold-cold-Summer.

It snows in April.  Sometimes it snows in May.

When we left End Game last weekend, it was snowing.


So it doesn’t really seem like spring.

Crocuses blooming, chives blooming, those aren’t spring either.  Those will happen in the snow.

But daffodils?

My church used to sell those for Palm Sunday, so those say Eastertime to me.

Days without coats, that’s a good sign.

And my apple tree blooming is either a good sign of spring or a sign to worry.


(this late in the year, it’s the former.  In March, that’s more like worry.)

We got the mower running and T. mowed our lawn for the first time!  That’s spring. It’s raining every second day. That’s spring. The allergies are out in force.  Spring!

Students are worried over tests! Spring.

Soon it will be summer.  The students will be gone and we’ll be on to a whole new semester.

But, Lyn, you say, that means spring only lasts like, a month.  Maybe a month and a half.


Wait ’till you see my definition of Winter… 😉

But in the meantime, sniff a dandelion, enjoy some asparagus (it’s up!) and some fresh walking onions (thinning those makes for a delicious little green onion collection) and the last wood-stove fire of the season.

And a little passing sunshine between the rain.


2 thoughts on “A Blog Post! Season Change (more or less)

  1. Spring is short here too. I try to get in the mood by looking at flower pictures that friends in warmer places share.

    For me, it is also when there is more daylight. Winter is hard that way, and long.

    • “For me, it is also when there is more daylight. Winter is hard that way, and long.”

      Yes. So much this!

      I just spent hours in my backyard weeding a stupid plant that I didn’t realize was going to try to take over the world when I grabbed some seeds. It also has crazy tubers. I have no idea what it is, though! Pretty purple flowers, though.

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