Bear Empire Landing Page

In the far North of a continent lives the Bear Empire, an arctic (late Middle English: via Old French from Latin arcticus, articus, from Greek arktikos, from arktos ‘bear, Ursa Major, pole star’, yes, this is a pun nation) empire; in this empire and many of the adjacent ones (although the Bear Empire, being expansionist, does not get along great with its neighbors), magery is, if not common, existent, marriages and most other things are a village or town affair and are rarely monogamous, and people pay homage to not only Mama Bear but several other of the spirit-gods who make up the nationalities within the empire.

Born from a Seventh Sanctum prompt for a story often called Row-Mance.

Running in the Bear Empire
Content Warnings: violence, dubious consent, magically forced obedience, implied sexual activity, nudity

Cyberpunk Bears

Old Bear

Arctic World Building


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  1. Hmmm. I was hoping for Chapter 51, not a Landing Page. However, I also am happy to wait another week. And it’s good to have the landing page, too.

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