Brewfest, a late-posted Blog Post

This weekend  September 28th was Brewfest. 

I got a little behind in posting these.  Oops!

“Is Brewfest just Oktoberfest with a fedora?”

“It’s more like… Oktoberfest without a hat at all.”

That being said, around here, Brewfest, at least the one we go to, is at the Boathouse, which used to be Thee (yes like that) Amish Market and is now a nice combination of a brewpub on one end and a flea market/craft store on the other end.

With your ticket, they give you a little 6-oz mini “pint glass” and 12 tasting tickets. 

That means about a half gallon of beer a person, yeah.

We took it easy – get the tasting, wander off, sit and chat, come back. 

Twice, we ended up having longish conversations with people old enough to be our parents. 

(We, in this case, is T. – Mr. Thorne – and I.)

Once I ended up chatting up a very intoxicated bridesmaid who had lost her bride. (They later found her, or, at least, it looked like they did.  The place isn’t that big and the lake is a LONG walk away from there, so I wasn’t too worried.)

I met many friendly dogs, including an immensely-well-behaved long-haired German Shepherd puppy (turns out long-haired German Shepherds are a thing!) and a very cute and excitable hound-mutt rescue pup.   I saw more children than one ever expects to see at a brew fest, small children and tiny children and medium-small children but not tweens or older. 

We split an ice cream and a pretty nice pizza and I stared in fascination at the pizza guy hand-throwing the crust.

There was no ‘wurst nor schnitzel. There was actually less food than the last time we did this, but it was tasty food, so I forgive them. 

And the beer?

In short – the Big Breweries for the area were bland, as Big Makers usually are. 

The Hoppy Stuff was generally, but not always, too hoppy for me. 

One of the pumpkin ales really, really tasted like pumpkin pie in a beer. 

And our favorites, the ones I took photos of to be sure we remembered, were ciders. 

All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday. 



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