Na-na-na-na na-BAT BAT

Warning: the below contains frank discussion of cats being tiny predators, and also sometimes dumbasses.

Also, while I cannot find this in my posted blogs, I wrote this in mid-July of this year, so if you have read it before, a), I apologize, and b), please let me know.

Na-na-na-na na-na-na-na na-na-na-na na-na-na-na…



A week or two ago, we had to take a mouse away from Merit* because it was screaming at her and it just kept freaking her out.

She’d drop it and back away and it would skitter a bit,  she’d pick it up and it would scream, repeat.

Okay, I thought that was bad.

Night before last, Merit caught a bat.

I do not know how the bat got into our house.  I know it did, obviously, but not how.

She managed to get it into the living room and then… lost it?  I don’t know.  Dropped it, probably.

It vanished.

T batted (ha) under the couch for a bit, but couldn’t get it to emerge.

It was bedtime.

I went to bed.

I woke at like 1:30 because Merit had

(like she does)

Brought the damn thing into the bed so we could protect her and it from the boy-cats.

But then she dropped it.

Okay, my bedroom is a narrow rectangle.  There’s a Calif. King bed (on the floor, no frame) and it’s pretty much just upholstered half the bedroom.

So the thing was flying around in narrow ovals at the top of the bedroom.

And then it was on the bed and Merit had it and then she dropped it.

(It had started making upset bat noises at her at that point)

It ran behind the nightstand and… I dunno, wedged itself in the heater?

At this point, I went to sleep on the couch, because damn.

am I’m woken up by UPSET BAT followed by Scrabble! Scrabble! SCRABBLE!  And more Upset Bat! Noises.

It turns out Merit had once again attacked it, only to be Very Upset by the screaming.

And my wonderful husband managed to get a box over it on the bed, then slide the lid under.

I wrapped myself in a sheet toga and took the box outside.

The bat screamed the entire time.

Even once outside and out of the box, it kept screaming.

It was not there when I woke up, and that – that is a good thing.

And Merit, it seems, needs to work on Not Dropping Screaming Prey.

Either that, or I need to practice screaming in case a wolf bites me.

🦇 🦇

* Merit is a cat. Our youngest (7 1/2 years old, formerly feral, black cat)

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