Patreon this Month: Finish It

My friends!

The theme this month for my Patreon is “Finish It!”

Which means, if you have wanted me to finish something, if you want me to write more about things, if you think I have too many cliffhangers, if you’ve been thinking about sending me a couple bucks in my tip jar,

now is a great month to join my Patreon at the $5 (prompt-me, “To-Do List”) level.

Yes, even if you only want to join for a month.  I won’t tell anyone 😉 That’s still $5 (less fees) for me!

Bonus:  If you join and prompt, I will write to one of your prompts, even if I’ve already written the 4 stories for that month.

Yes, it’s a loophole to get me to write even more finishes (or semi-finishes, let’s be honest).  But to do that – you gotta Patronize (the capital P is important in this case; if you lower-case patronize me I don’t write nothing) me and you have to prompt (on the “Prompt Call” post, please).

Check it out:



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