Looking at my posting calendar…

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Well, I seem to have burned out on Spoils of War again so I guess I gotta figure out if I’m going to post something else in its place.

Right now I’m posting Purchase Negotiation (Fae Apoc (Fdomme, just pre-apoc)), Saving the Cult (urban fantasy heavily inspired by some of the Marvel shows out last year), and The Bellamy, an English Manor Hellmouth/Library/Archive.

I’ve also got… The Ambassador from the Mists (Fantasy politics), Upstairs/Downstairs (Slave dramas belowstairs), and

Aunt Family Journal Tales (the concept here is a series of stories based on the journals and on Beryl/Eva finding them, but I have no plot yet)  currently in progress, along with The Rubble (Fae Apoc, long post-apoc), the Wilds of Notebook (portal ???), and the possibility of restarting Kael’s tower from an earlier point, which is slightly daunting.

Feedback is welcome with the note that what I feel like I can enjoy writing will probably be the deciding vote – although on that note, good comments make me enjoy writing something more. 

One thought on “Looking at my posting calendar…

  1. Aunt Family Journal Tales!

    Ambassador from the Mists — you posted one segment of that, yes, with the young officer being hauled off the front to go talk to the Ambassador who walked out of the mists — is also intriguing.

    Kael’s Tower is also interesting, but maybe save that for when you have a better sense of where you want to go with it?

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