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In the end, they wandered aimlessly – or at her aim – around the campus for two hours while Leander learned a whole bunch of things he thought he’d never remember.  He also noticed where he’d put himself if he was a sniper, the bottlenecks where he didn’t want to get caught with her if there was a problem, the places they could take shelter and set up defenses if someone came after her. 

At one point, she noticed where his gaze was.  She pointed up at the bell tower nearby. “That’s completely accessible.  You need a university pass, but that’s it. Pretty sure my father does a Forces shield around it every time he’s on campus, and he might renew it when I’m not looking.” 

She twisted her face, but Leander nodded approvingly.  “It’s a good idea. It’s not just your hide he’d be protecting, either,” he added gently.  “If someone does come after you, they might not care about collateral damage.  They might want it…” He trailed off.  “Tell me about this SpringFest?”

So she did, although she kept glancing back at him, like she was considering what he’d said.   Continue reading