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Purchase Negotiation 33: Mars

First: Purchased: Negotiation


It was going to take a lot more than an hour to walk around campus.  

It might take more than an hour to get around a single “quad,” the way Sylviane walked, which was to stop and point at something, tell him a story, and then move four feet to something else. 

On the other hand, Leander really didn’t mind.  He was learning about her more than the campus, sure, but she was, in the long run, a lot more important than just a bunch of buildings. 

“Oh, here.”  She flushed. He glanced at her curiously and waited. “Oh-” She noticed he was waiting. “Nothing, it’s just-“

“A bench.”  He read the inscription on the brass plaque – it wasn’t her name, wasn’t anyone whose name he recognized, and they’d been class of 1920, so probably not someone she knew personally – well, not a human she knew personally, he corrected.  Could be a fae. Could even be her mentor. 

“I had my first kiss with – with someone I really liked for a while – right here on this bench.” Continue reading

Looking at my posting calendar…

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Well, I seem to have burned out on Spoils of War again so I guess I gotta figure out if I’m going to post something else in its place.

Right now I’m posting Purchase Negotiation (Fae Apoc (Fdomme, just pre-apoc)), Saving the Cult (urban fantasy heavily inspired by some of the Marvel shows out last year), and The Bellamy, an English Manor Hellmouth/Library/Archive.

I’ve also got… The Ambassador from the Mists (Fantasy politics), Upstairs/Downstairs (Slave dramas belowstairs), and

Aunt Family Journal Tales (the concept here is a series of stories based on the journals and on Beryl/Eva finding them, but I have no plot yet)  currently in progress, along with The Rubble (Fae Apoc, long post-apoc), the Wilds of Notebook (portal ???), and the possibility of restarting Kael’s tower from an earlier point, which is slightly daunting.

Feedback is welcome with the note that what I feel like I can enjoy writing will probably be the deciding vote – although on that note, good comments make me enjoy writing something more.