Archive | March 3, 2020

A Blog Post: On Being Sick, on Working From Home, Etc.

Two notes:  

First, I started this, like, 2 weeks ago.  But I still want to post it, so, voila, here it is. I’m feeling better health-wise, which is great. (Though our furnace is on the fritz now). 

Keep an eye on my Patreon for the March Patreon Push, which is going to involve, well, more stories on Patreon.  Also check out the Leap Day stories I posted there – and as always, you can find fiction on my account at

 Second, Thank You Kelkyag!  Kelkyag sent me a lovely little kids’ book called The Trouble With Chickens.

(So, should I  make The Chickens Era Science an option on the upcoming poll for this month’s Patreon Theme?)

(Yeah, I’m a little behind. Story of my life.)

Now continues the actual blog post, voila.

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