Work From Home Blog: Day 1

Technically BEFORE Day one; I’m still sitting in the armchair doing Pre-Morning Things.


 Day One of Telecommuting (long-term, rather than, say, when I worked from home Friday because my co-worker made me sick again) 


Last night I found myself regarding the closet, wondering what I was going to wear to work. 

Then I realized: my pjs. 

(I always find this a funny way to put this, since what I wear to bed is a pair of armwarmers and that in the winter). 

My bum-around the house flannel pants and favorite cami, in this case (I need to do laundry), the green flannels with the tear in the upper leg from where I sit cross-legged and the faded camo cami (It was on clearance!) that sort of matches. 

Working from home is a little weird 😉

Sure, some Zoom meetings I’m still going to have to put on a cardigan and brush my hair for, but for the most part, as long as you contribute, people don’t ask questions about why you don’t have the camera on. 

Especially when the school is so focused on a) getting all the professors ready to teach their classes via Zoom (zoom is like skype, only… not?) in a few weeks and b) working on getting people less equipped to telecommute and less urgent about it than I am.

(I needed someone to tell me it was okay and someone to set up Remote Desktop in case I needed it). 

Personally, I’ve never been one of the people who needs specific clothes for a productivity ritual.  Tea, yes. Not clothes. 

What about you? If you’re starting a work from home, how are you handling the clothing issue?


4 thoughts on “Work From Home Blog: Day 1

  1. When working from home, I wear sweatpants of yoga pants or leggings instead of jeans, because for sitting a lot they are more comfortable, and it saves some wear on the jeans.
    I usually wear pyjamas, unless it’s really warm, but getting dressed so I could go outside without feeling weird (and showering every other day or so) seems like a good idea. Letting grooming slide more feels more like being sick than working from home.

    • I do remember to shower and fix my hair & put my contacts in most mornings, but uh.
      I’ve been known to go for firewood in my pajamas, so. 😉

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