Archive | April 6, 2020

Work From Home Blog: Day 15

 What I noticed most this morning was “how is this the beginning of my 4th week of work from home?  Seriously? I’ve been doing this for nearly a month?”

Well, okay, 3 weeks minus a day down does not make for a whole month, but you get the point.  It all sort of blurs together. 

I mean, I’m not known for having a sense of time – a good one or any sense, really – and this is exacerbated by not having different things at work.  Like, I’m not taking Soylent to work 2 days a week and having tacos on Thursday because that’s fish taco day…  

(I miss the lunch people!)

And the differentiation of the weekends is, as mentioned before, not all that strong. 

But there’s also nothing URGENT going on in work stuff, there’s nothing pressing at me other than a whole lot of meetings and webinars and then meetings. 

So “and then we had to start moving ice packs into the fridge” is a lot more notable than “and then there was more meetings and I did some more basic work.”

Speaking of, we’re getting a new fridge on the 9th,which ought to mark time a little.  I consulted with friends who had bought a new fridge, decided “more than the stimulus check for both of us” was too much for a fridge in our situation, but took some advice, looked for a dual compresser, ’cause we’ve had trouble keeping the fridge and freezer in balance, and ended up with a Samsung “entry level” (if these are entry level, what the heck is the $400 fridge we bought the first time?) stainless steel (!) fridge. I’ll let you know how we like it on Friday. 

How are you keeping the days separate?

And at what point does a fridge stop being entry level, and is it before it costs more than $3000?