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Work From Home Blog: Day 18

I miss small talk.

I didn’t realize this until Monday, Tuesday, when people were walking, running, jogging by and I would be far more chatty than I normally am with strangers-walking. And then picking up pizza last night (we have finally run out of things that Must Be Cooked in our fridge), and I wanted to talk talk talk.

Not about anything important. Not to form any meaningful connection.  Just to chat.  Just to have intercourse with another human being that was in no way Important, or tricky, or anything. Just Chatting.

(Husband is not great at Chatting.  Even social media these days is fraught with traps, although cat pictures are safe everywhere (which is good; Oli has taken to camping out on my desk and sometimes directly in front of my laptop camera) and my realization yesterday that I could make masks and skirts that met was met with lots of favorites… but little interaction, even at the small talk level.

I want to chat with people about how their day was and what they had for dinner, you know?  What their cats are doing even when I don’t care, so I can talk about what my cat is doing (sleeping on the back of the chair next to me, like she does every morning; Theo is stalking the house looking for something and Oli is probably looking for more food.).  Or you know, what our plans are for the weekend (Same thing we do every night, Pinky.) or the yard chores we can do now that the snow is hopefully gone.

We need to repair our garden beds. I suppose at some point we’ll actually have to GO to Lowes, since they do not deliver peat moss, even when you’re having a fridge and a lawn roller delivered.

Oh, and then of course we’re going to roll our lawn (roll your own… ♪♫) and we bought lawn timbers (we had to measure our lawn to buy a fridge!).

And firewood.

And more firewood.

Last night was moving firewood to clear a spot to put the car in the Spare Driveway (so our house has 2 driveways – one in front of the garage, and then, 50-100 feet away, one in front of the house.  The garage one is currently, and often, filled with firewood.) so the ‘fridge could be delivered.

So!  What are you up to?

What are you doing this coming weekend?

How’re your yards, if you have them?  How’re your cats?

How are you doing with socialization and interaction?

Did anyone else scroll through two weeks of XKCD comics to find the CORRECT coronavirus comic?1

…OH that’s part of why I keep listening to podcasts.