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Work From Home Blog: Day 20


Today starts the 4th week of my work-from-home adventure, and tomorrow is my birthday (Happy birthday to my cousin C today, who is a day and a year older than me and is at home with 8-year-old triplets and a child a year or two younger… here’s hoping she’s kept her sanity!). 

(Shh, I know what it says on all my profiles.  That’s … a thing. )

That means Thursday is T’s birthday, and that makes Wednesday the holiday we usually celebrate as Our Birthday.  I often take off either My Birthday or Our Birthday off of work, but I’m sort of wondering what the point is this time. 

I mean, maybe I can find out if one of my favorite Thai places is still open  & doing take-out, that’d be nice. I haven’t had Thai in a while…. Maybe I’ll make myself a cake. 😀 😀

And then make T a cake 2 days later…

Yesterday, I met Mom & Dad halfway at a park at the top of Seneca Lake & we had a rather chilly picnic and a nice walk.  Mom made veganized German Potato Salad (It was really quite good) and the sweet rolls I love and never make because Extra Steps. 

We were a nice Social Distance away from the fishermen fishing up and down the river.  ( )

There were also people walking their dogs, people biking, and people doing something that looked like parasailing maybe? Paraskiing?

Ah!  A google tells me it was probably kitesurfing!

For a windy, grey day before the park even opened, when all the bathrooms and playgrounds were closed, it was a rather busy day at the beach – and everyone kept their distance. 

We’re not going to have picnic weather again this week or next, it looks like, but maybe we can come up with something.

Anyone else marking holidays or landmarks while in lockdown?  How’re you improvising?