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Sunshine & Summertime

Sunshine and Summertime

I was driving home from my writing retreat in August, listening to this song…

The only thing on my agenda is
Beers and sunshine
Bonfires and summertime
Back porch nights in South Carolina
And I started thinking about Summer and… well, she has this power.  How does she use it?
Sumer is a character in my Stranded World Setting.  She is a perpetual student.  Tad here tells us pretty much everything else we need to know about her – i.e, you can read this story without knowing anything about the setting except that it is modern, magic exists, and most people don’t know about it.

“You gotta help me.”

Summer tilted her head at – she was pretty sure she knew his name.  Brad? Chad?


“I have to help you?  Really?”

“You gotta help me! Look.”  He lowered his voice to a whisper that probably couldn’t be heard in the next county over.  “I know you do the hoodoo.” Continue reading

Rock, Hard Place – Kuresh – Landing Page

A story I have now spent twice as many posts talking about, as far as my search for “Arisse” goes, as writing.

Arisse is the Crown Princess of Kuresh, a position which is more than a little hazardous. Chress is a captive given to her by her father, a warrior enslaved in a border skirmish.

(there is a 5% chance I may still change the name of this nation)

Currently a story-setting; i.e., there is one story which defines and fills the setting.

Rocks & a Hard Place
Content Warnings: violence, dubious consent, slavery, nudity, mentioned assassination

Kuratch World Building

including the fact that “Kuratch” is the adjective form of the noun Kuresh