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The Pencatte Catacombs, a Fediverse CYOA

Pencatte-acombsI am doing a Halloween Choose Your Own Adventure one post/day from now through the end of the story/Halloween/as I feel it!

I am only doing this on the Fediverse – Mastodon, etc. – but it’s easy to get an account.

My suggestions: – If you want an invite code, ask me; I have lots.  This is the instance I’m posting this story from. – an open-registration site that seems pretty friendly.  I have an account there as my backup. 

If you want the lowest-effort account just to take part in this Choose The Adventure, I suggest

I don’t suggest the “flagship”; they’re having issues lately. is very nice; I can get you in touch with their mod.

Ditto – it’s got a lot of really nice people!

I’ve heard good things about

A longer thread on good instances –

Growing Home

Growing home

This story is the Seventh one to my Squish-Squash, Pumpkins and Gourds Prompt Call

This story is Fae Apoc, but nothing is needed to be known about the setting to read it except there is an apoc and magic exists. 


 Winter was fast approaching – well, it was September, but that was close enough to start worrying – and, as Grishma looked around her little clearing, she realized she had no more shelter than she’d had last year.

Last winter had been brutal. There were things Grishma was good at and things she wasn’t, and one of the things she really wasn’t all that good at was, well, surviving in the wilderness. Continue reading

The Silent Planet

Warning: Horror. 

This story came out of nowhere, honestly.  I just started typing and this is what I got. 

The water slipped through the canal, snuck along the rocks, and whispered along the muddy bank. There wasn’t a burble to be heard, not a whisper, not a splash.

In this place, even the water was silent. In this place, there was no sound at all louder than a breath, and even the breaths were held when they could be.

In this place, those that walked did so on muffled feet and every wall was as thick as it could be. In this place, even a whisper could be too loud. Continue reading