The Great January Rebloggening Challenge!

Home Site HouseKeeping

I’ve decided that I’m going to start the Home Site HouseKeeping up again for 2021, because, well, it was helpful.

(See The Great August Rebloggening and other posts on the Home Site HouseKeeping tag for more on this)

Of course, then I spent the first two weeks of January sick, cramped up, or sick.

(yay new year?)

Still, that meant that last week was good for doing some basic maintenance stuff.

My goals per week are:

2 Patreon posts, 1 LTA post

(LTA =

2 weeks worth of Thimbleful Thursday posts scheduled and one month Patreon cross-posted to LTA

1 sort of work on the navigation page (approx. 15 minutes?)

One wiki page (or a section of a more complicated one)

Obviously, 1 post on isn’t going to get you the weekly stories I’ve been posting, but that’s a minimum goal.

My weeks are marked from when I started, which means for January they’re 5-11, 12-18, 19-25, 26-February 1st.

So Last Week I managed 

3 posts each LTA & Patreon,

2 weeks of ThimblefulThursday scheduled. (This is my weekly idiomatic microfiction writing prompt post)

Speaking of: if you have a source for idioms that isn’t wiktionary, I’d appreciate it. I’m running out of idioms for certain letters (pretty much from W on.)

One Month – October 2019 – of Patreon posts crossposted to – and that was one of the rather complicated months where it seemed like I posted something every freaking day.  It took me over an hour to post.

Many of them were unlocked, and you can find them all here – at the top of the tag. (20:13 – 21:18 from first to last toot of the unlocked posts).  If you’re a Patreon Patron and don’t remember the passwords for the locked posts, ask me!

And I got some work done on the Fae Apoc landing page last night, leaving only the wiki part left un-checked for last week.

Speaking Of – There’s this post –  and if you want to pick up some work on my wiki, for every three pages you complete, I’ll write you one “blort” (approx 250 words+) related to that (i.e., 3 Aunt Family character pages means a story about at least one of those characters.

That means I can take my time on the wiki and put it towards writing!

I also did a bunch of work on my Pinterest?

That’s not on the list, but it helps, sort of… I dunno, it was fun?

Mostly I made a Faerie Apocalypse board, moved the sub-boards called “Addergoole Changes” (and categories theoreof) to the Fae Apoc board (since they’re not just for Addergoole), moved the sub-board of “Story Clothes” (not a good title) for Purchase Negotiation there as Story-Purchase Negotiation (now with limo), added the Funerary Rites staircase from yesterday – the thing that made me realize that I did not have a Fae Apoc Board, to a Story-Funerary Rites sub-board.

Then I moved the other stuff from the Addergoole boards (Staff, building, collars) to labelled sub-categories and made a new sub-category labelled Bunkers.

I’m still deciding what do with OTHER fae apoc boards:

Cloverleaf, which has five sub-boards and is a robust separate sub-setting.

Cya’s Campground I could probably just move into Fae Apoc.  This is from a series of posts currently at the top of the Boom tag on Patreon. In the end of the Apocalypse, Cya builds an area for her friends to camp out.  (addendum: moved it before I finished this blog post.)

And I think Doomsday’s board needs some cleaning up.  Mostly now it’s just beds.  And it could go under Cloverleaf – as it’s a school IN Cloverleaf – or in Faerie Apocalypse.

That leaves… 3 boards from an AU Roleplay that I might try to work into the main world sometime (It’s a branch of the everyone-makes-horrible-decisions timeline where Leo has an army, in which they go hide out in the northwest in the trees and build a tree-city branch of Addergoole, Addergoole-Vert).  Those can stay separate for now.


Um, so.  There’s a lot of Pinterest, and I love it (I had to turn it OFF of my productivity ap yesterday to be able to use it for Pinterest work… 🙂

But the question is, does anyone else like it? Or am I collecting images just for myself?

I mean, I’m still gonna collect images!  But it’s sort of a matter of whether I bother sorting things out in a way anyone else can follow or not.


That’s Pinterest.

And that’s last week.


I called in sick today because, well, I was sick. Am, really. Bleh.

And I started working on sorting out the Faerie Apocalypse Landing Page.

On Inspector Caracal’s suggestion, I’m putting together some “Volumes” of Fae Apoc, places for new readers to start reading and then continue.

Not connected stories, like Purchase Negotiation or Beekeeper, but something more like a collected anthology.

You can see my progress here.

So it looks like I started with 235 un-categorized posts in the Fae Apoc (not Addergoole) Stories header.

I now have 209 which are neither categorized nor reviewed-and-no-category-chosen.

So I’ve gotten though 11% today.

Of course, it’s 4:30 in the afternoon, and that took probably three hours?

I’m going to count that as 4 checks on the navigation section for this (just begun) week.

And now here’s a blog post!

Edited to add:

And then I added a page to the Wiki – The Bear Empire main World Page.

I invite everyone to play along with Home Site HouseKeeping.

Do you have blog/web page goals? What are they?


12 thoughts on “The Great January Rebloggening Challenge!

  1. I don’t think I’m up to having goals, other than medical treatment until, maybe, the last week in January or even some time in February.

    Let’s just say that next week will be even more of an Experience than I was expecting.

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