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Bilge Rats and Puppets, Chapter Two

Bilge Rats and Puppets

Chapter 2 of my continuation of the fanfic set in an AU of the Author’s AU in Once Upon A Time.

Chapter 1

The original Fic.

The pirate was already there, of course, in his chamber.  

He didn’t have the largest chambers — big for a guard, yes, but nothing like Snow’s rooms, of course.

The pirate had been given just enough length of chain to reach the garderobe, to reach Charming’s bed, but not the door — not either door. One of the few luxuries Charming’s chambers did have was a small rooftop garden — just enough space for him to enjoy the sun and wind on the rare occasion he felt like he’d enjoy such sensations. 

The pirate had pulled himself to his feet as Charming entered; he was standing unsteadily, his eyes following Charming. 

 He looked like shit. He had dark circles under his eyes that hadn’t been there the last time Charming had seen him.  His face was irregularly shaven and he had several new nicks; in addition, he had cuts visible on his neck and chest and his shirt was torn and bloody in several places.  Continue reading

Fae Apoc: Dragons vs. Wyverns

I’ve written a lot about wyverns and dragons in Fae Apoc, but just now, I realized that I was making a distinction in my head that a) was not quite the common parlance description and b) I don’t think I’d explained anywhere outside of a roleplay session in my attic, sitting on Rion’s bed, when it was Rion’s bedroom.

So here goes!

In Fae Apoc, as you may know or recall, a Dragon usually refers to those that are commonly assumed to be the Nedetakaei/Shenera Oseraei Daeva.

Nedetakaei Dragons are shapeshifters; as with Shenera Endraae Daeva, they can change into any look and gender at will; unlike the Shenera Endraae, they can also become Creatures – as they get older, they can become bigger and bigger (or, in turn, smaller and smaller, although then getting bigger does take considerable energy.)  They become dragons, as in mythology, although they – and the Shenera Endraae who hunt them – generally do not let everyday people see them, at least not everyday people who survive long enough to tell tales.  At least until the apocalypse.

The apocalypse came with the opening of the portals, and from the portals came not just Ellehemaei-from-Ellehem (I am certain there is an Old Tongue word for this but I haven’t coined it yet, since Ellehemaei means Those-from-Ellehem and is used to refer to all fae) but creatures from their world: hell hounds and war cats, monsters and critters, and wyverns – animals in the form of giant flying lizards.

Some (not just the flying lizards, things in all categories of Critter) were also created by the Returned Gods, either to help them fight their battle of invasion into Earth, or because they enjoyed having very big pets.

When you come down to it: In Fae Apoc, a Wyvern may be a very clever animal, but it is an animal (and many of them aren’t clever at all).  A Dragon is a sapient, thinking being in a large shape.

Magically, Hugr, Intinn, and Tlacatl (Emotion, Mind, and Flesh-of-Makers) work on Dragons and not on Wyverns; Panida (Animals) works on Wyverns and not on Dragons.


Glossary of Terms Used here

Nedetakaei/Shenera Oseraei  LawBreakers/who call themselves Children of the Gods (known for their disdain for humans, their leaning towards extremes in all matters, and their lack of proper Names, which is actually a disdain of Naming)

Shenera Endraae Children of the Law)

Daeva Those who Inspire, a breed of Fae




Jason Momoa(‘s characters) Belong in Fae Apoc

I need all of Jason Momoa’s roles to be people in Fae Apoc.

Khal Drogo is an old soldier of the likes of Aelfgar.  He’s been fighting monsters, Nedetakaei, returned gods, and more monsters for longer than he can remember. If he dies, he’ll be reborn into this.  He is a warrior all the way through, but he’s getting a little bit tired.  Picture him riding a motorcycle – or a horse – through the post-apocalypse wasteland with his warriors, chasing down a wyvern or climbing up the side of a giant to cut out their hearts.

Aquaman? He’s younger than Khal Drogo, amusingly (since the role came later in the actor’s life, that is), but he’s a fighter with (obviously) an aquatic Change.  He’s a scrapper, probably over 100 years old but never really grew up all the way, and while he’s deadly with the weapons of choice, he’s also laid-back.  He likes to sit on his beach and drink a beer, toes in the water, ass in the sand ♪

And then there’s Ronon!  Ronon Dexhas been out of school (possibly Addergoole) for four or five years, all of which has been surviving an apocalypse.  The Returned God Assholes are after him.  He’s learned to take down wild animals – both the sort that existed on Earth before the apocalypse and the sort that came through the portals with the Returned Gods.  Or MAYBE he ended up falling through a portal and ending up in a strange part of Ellehem for a while before managing to return home.  Either way, he spent years in the wilderness and now he needs to learn how to readjust to whatever society he finds himself with.

I have not seen the modern Conan the Barbarian yet (It’s now on my to-watch list) but I can bet that version would fit somewhere in the Fae Apocalypse, too.

I mean… just give me all the Jason Momoa characters forever, please?