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Purchase Negotiation 51: The Ball

First: Purchased: Negotiation


“You know, for some reason I expected you to fight this sort of clothing.”  Mr. MacDiarmad was helping Leander with his bow tie.

He didn’t actually need to help with the bow tie, but Leander wasn’t going to call his Keeper, his Owner, on something like that.

“What, the tux?  If it was something really obvious, I might have complained a little.  But it’s, uh. It’s tailored to me, it’s comfortable, and I will blend in – I mean – not like anyone’s going to see me next to Sylviane, anyway.”  He looked away from Mr. MacDiarmad’s eyes as he thought about that dress, the way it fit her, the way – He shook his head.

“Strong fighter types I’ve known usually hate bothering with their appearance.”  Mr. MacDiarmad, as it turned out, was wearing a really expensive-looking tuxedo out of something shimmering. He looked a little bit fancy. Continue reading