Long-Form Stories

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The Hidden Mall  – urban fantasy with horror elements.
Abby and Viv just wanted to get away from a bully.  They slipped through an access door into the back passageways of the mall – and discovered it went further back than they could have ever imagined.  It’s going to be a long shopping trip. 
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Running in the Bear Empire – fantasy/romance
Deline is on the run from bounty hunters from a very annoyed Dekleg.  When she captures one of them, Carrone, he ends up joining her flight across the arctic Bear Empire. There’s still more bounty hunters on their tail, and even worse following them.  And, along the way, Deline and Carrone have to get used to each other, to their cultural differences, and to the position Carrone is now in.
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Haunted House – Fae Apoc setting, apocalyptic fantasy/romance
When the strange man buys Mélanie from the slavemonger, she’s expecting him to be just like her former owners – at best, she’s hoping he might be a bit kinder.  Maybe give her a little more freedom.
She’s not expecting him to be generous and friendly, to treat her like a person – she’s also not expecting him to be a thief.
She was certainly not expecting his house to have such a personality!
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Saving the Cult (If not the World) – Urban Fantasy
This summer vacation that Lina’s parents have dragged her on is a bit strange and just keeps getting stranger.  For one, it’s at a hilltop campground full of rich people, and they all seem to know Lina’s parents. For another, there are people wearing robes – and not bathrobes, either. Fancy secret-society roles. For a third, Lina’s mother seems to have pulled a whole house out of a suitcase.
This is not helping with Lina’s current problem: that is, how come she’s generating force fields from her fingertips, and who can she ask about this?
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