“The ** Episodes” Thoughts, and trimmed lists

So, I think The Team aren’t straight-out police, they’re extralegal, consultants, whathaveyou.

Episode List, trimmed
Werewolf/Mistaken Identity
The Fae/Something that looks supernatural
Just a limb found/Rock music
Circus/Officer Down
Something from the Past / Buried alive
Ghosts/really gross decomp
Cult/??/Crop circles/?
Fetish Death/ ?
Mental institution/?
High School Sports/Monks
Attack on a member of the team/ Sci-fi convention
Not sure how or what with to pair the ones ending in /?
Season length? 4-10 episodes?

Cast, Trimmed
there’s going to be 5. But.
The Kid Genius (hacker)(female)/the cleric
The hitter/werewulf?
The mentor
The pretty one/fae blood
The secret
the sassy/snarky one
The rude one who gets things done (possibly also hitter)
The NEW One

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