Character Sketch One for Episodes: The Hacker

The kid Genius/Hacker/cleric
Holly (needs a last name)

No, sorry, it’s not like that. But if you can show me proof to the contrary, I’ll consider it.

Holly is a voracious consumer of knowledge in all its forms, and has been her entire short life.

Nineteen as the story starts, she was sat on her parents’ laps in front of computers at the tender age of four, and has been at a keyboard ever since.

She denies claims that she’s a prodigy, despite the fact that she is working towards her doctorate in robotics at the moment.

She found fandom and cosplay very early, coming by it honestly – her parents having taken her to Darkovercon when she was 2 months old. She enjoys anime as well as many of the modern sci-fi/fantasy TV shows, writes fanfic in her spare time, and has a vibrant social life online.

She identifies as bisexual but has yet to find someone who she values enough, whose sexuality lines up properly with hers, to engage in anything further than necking with IRL.

She maintains several discrete identities online and three IRL, not counting her forays into MMORPGs.

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