Mini-Call-for-Prompts: Gender-Funkyness

Now looking for a few prompts for microfic on Gender-Funkiness, this month’s Patreon theme.

I will write at least 100 words to at least one prompt from each prompter, sometime between now and Nano.

Prompts can be something from one of my settings, something setting-neutral, or something from another ‘verse.

(I find it amusing that, during Gender Funky Theme Month, I just binge-read all of El Goonish Shive. And now I have a strong urge to write more gender-funky stuff).

(Or gender-switch stuff. Or general gender oddities).

Let’s have fun with this!

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12 thoughts on “Mini-Call-for-Prompts: Gender-Funkyness

    • As per the character in Addergoole who was both but appeared to lack fertility until set on fire: wait and let it sort itself out, probably? I’m thinking about the year 9 pine cone boy.

    • In addition to Curry there’s my character Cody, who managed to win the, “Show Dr. Caitrin something she hasn’t seen before,” award when she arrived at Addergoole with the worlds most extreme case of aphallia — which is to say she was a natural neuter, no phallus, no testes, no womb or eggs. She felt more comfortable with female pronouns growing up so that’s what she uses, and she’s made it clear that even if the Addergoole hermaphrodites are comfortable with “it” as a pronoun she is not (those who haven’t paid attention are on a nice little mental list — she may be a quiet and nice girl, but that doesn’t mean she’s harmless, she’s struck down at least one opponent post Addergoole who most would probably consider stronger than her, two if Family Ties is counted, although crossing over Addergoole and Tir na Cali it’s of questionable canon status). Once she found out about the graduation requirement being a cy’Caitrin was an advantage since it meant she didn’t have to wait long before asking how the heck she was going to meet it. The short answer being magic. Find someone willing to stand in as a surrogate (either for a future favor, to pay off a debt, or a kept) then provide the doctor with a DNA sample to be magicked into playing nice with an egg from the surrogate. Nine months later Cody and the surrogate both have one of their two graduation requirements taken care of. She does eventually figure out how to take on a physically gendered form but even then finds the thought of becoming pregnant terrifying for fear of what would happen if she failed to maintain the form.

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