Magic Mondays: Magic in Stranded World

The Stranded World setting is named for the way the practitioners of magic there see their world (its working title was “Spaghetti Squash World.”)

In this world, people who have the talent and skill can see – and more rarely manipulate – the strands of matter and energy that connect everything in the world, and everyone.

Some people can directly alter the flow of the Strands (or, in very rare and heretical cases, sever those strands.  Others work through some sort of focus.

All but a very few, very powerful strand-workers are specialized.  Examples of specialization include:

  • Strand-smoothing (Order-creating) – these strand-manipulators pull tangles smooth, making problems work themselves out and creating calm. Winter.
  • Tanglers (Chaos-creating) – trickers incarnate, these strand-manipulators defy expectations and shatter stagnation. Spring
  • Connection-tracers – these sighters of the Strands do very little manipulation, but their vision and comprehension of the connecting strands is highly honed. Autumn. Spring’s Star-Mapper boyfriend.

For more on Strand-Workers, see this piece

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0 thoughts on “Magic Mondays: Magic in Stranded World

  1. That makes a lot of sense. Where does Summer fall on this list? I am a little embarrassed that this makes more sense to me that what I had been thinking that “Stranded” meant in the context of the title of this setting. I thought it was more about being stranded somewhere. My head, let me show its strange place to you.

    • Summer is sort of anomaly. She does a little strand-smoothing, and a little tangling. Curses, charms, she’s a luck-witch.

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