Meeks Art!

(Okay, so, yes, I really like [personal profile] meeks art!)

Meeks has illustrated (and on LJ) the feather-blessed series of stories by [personal profile] wyld_dandelyon!

While you’re looking at her art, check out her post of icons; she selects a random commenter each week to get a free icon!

And of course, I should mention the art she’s done for me; since it’s been a Rinny couple of weeks:

Rin contemplates the valley, detail /


She is be re-launching her call for prompts (LJ link), annnd:
“As an added incentive, if I get prompts from two new participants before next Monday, I’ll let you all vote on a sketch from the archives to get another round of work!”

I am NOT a new participant, but YOU COULD BE!

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