Lovely Little Abstracts (Signal Boost) for Curtains!

EllenMillion is holding a free abstracts day!

Tuesday, August 9th (says Ellen): “I will paint to prompts for as long as I have energy on Tuesday, August 9, doing tip incentives first, people who helped spread the word next (be sure to tell me if you link to the project!), and first-come, first-served after that. These will be abstract ACEO (2.5 x 3.5 inches) paintings, acrylics on canvas sheet.”

Tip incentives start at $2 and work up to $25, along with tip threshholds.

Ellen did a lovely “growth” painting for me for Christmas; I can’t wait to find it a proper home in OUR new home.

Tips are towards curtains for her baby-to-be’s nursery; since she lives in Alaska, baby needs blackout curtains for to block the midnight sun.

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