Tell me a story…

When I was a kid, my parents and I used to play the “what do you think their story is?” game, making up stories about everyday situations. People don’t seem to like to play this anymore, but I could use it today.

(fear of conflict means, it seems, other people’s conflict stresses me out.)

Overheard, in the Greyhound (bus station) parking lot, a couple with luggage in and around a car:

Person One: (Inarticulate screaming)
Person Two: “I made you my fucking wife and you piss[ed] all over [pronoun uncertain? me, it?]”
Person One: (more screaming)
(note: they are still moving around the car, moving luggage)
Person Two: “You fucking disgust me!”

Traffic light changes, and I drive away.

So… what do you think their story is? Feel free to be as ridiculous, fantastical, strange, out there, weird, as you like

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10 thoughts on “Tell me a story…

  1. Well, they’re married, certainly. My internal description of their story is that Person Two feels that Person One has done something that betrayed Person Two’s sense of what a marriage should be. Some options might be Person One has cheated or otherwise broken the marriage vows Person One has made poor financial choices leading to disaster Person One has abused their children Person One has said or done things to unfairly damage Person Two’s reputation Person One has been hiding an addiction (to alcohol, drugs, gambling, whatever) On the other hand, it could be that Person One is the primary wronged party, and Person Two is abusive and threatening because Person One has done something “unacceptable” like try to get away from the relationship.

    • Yeah, my head!canon was that they both had volatile tempers and were being melodramatic loudly What a way to start a train trip!

  2. Look, being an alien invader is stressful. You’re going about your day infiltrating human society and your clone spouse comments that the parking lot reminds it of the black desert of Kalizzyngmigoo. Completely breaking cover! What is professionalism coming to.

  3. Person One just outed them as furries. Person Two is convinced that all their friends are too ‘conservative’ (in the modern political discourse definition of ‘unable to accept anything different from themselves’ rather than the older definition*) to accept this. Person One is upset because the had discussed this previously and she feels he is going back on what she believed was an agreement that it would be okay to try revealing it away from home. That or ‘s theory. 🙂 * it was amusing when SJG’s Illuminati card game declared that all groups would described how their enemy’s saw them. Less amusing when common political terms like conservative and liberal are being handled that way in RL. :/

    • Hee! 🙂 (also… yes. Under normal circumstances, using that term that way in my journal would make me unhappy. In context, perfectly fine).

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