House musings: under da stairs

Thing I want in the house, but only in a for-fun way and would probably never actually do:

A mural of the cupboard under the stairs, on the stairwell, hiding hidden, well, cupboards.

Alternately, turning the area under the stairs into a tiny guest room ([personal profile] eseme 😉

More reasonably – there’s this page of ideas (the wine cabinets are a great idea but I dislike the execution; the bathroom’s awesome but the stairs are right next to the extant bathroom.)

A remarkably similar page of links: aquarium!!!

Several plans for storage under stairs.. I like the one that looks like library stacks.

And speaking of beds under the stairs: how about this?

This is nice, if practical

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9 thoughts on “House musings: under da stairs

  1. I heartily approve of the cozy guest room, or the reading nook that can be used as a bed. Storage is probably more *practical* but I like reading nooks a lot.

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