Wednesday with momentum and “dry closing.”

I am full of chocolate, as T. messaged me that he would like some chocolate. He was very unclear on what sort, just having, it seemed, a vague craving, so I took a walk and bought chocolate mousse, mocha mousse, two chocolate cookies, and beer.

(The beer is not chocolate).

Today’s home-buying adventure is “dry closing:”

It is still unclear how this will delay the beginning of moving in. Or, rather, the beginning of cleaning-and-painting, which is what we plan on spending the weekend doing.

Today is the last day to fill out the donation perk poll: Dreamwidth or LJ. Tomorrow I will collate the results and begin writing! (right now “Spring Break” and “Three-Way” are tied).

[personal profile] meeks has done it again! She’s updated Diapering Dragons (LJ). Check out that wall! More work on Rin is next…

Links of the day: an odd word… and an odder goat.

mam·mon noun, often capitalized ˈma-mən

Definition of MAMMON
: material wealth or possessions especially as having a debasing influence “you cannot serve God and mammon — Matthew 6:24(Revised Standard Version)”

Origin of MAMMON
Middle English, from Late Latin mammona, from Greek mamōna, from Aramaic māmōnā riches

First Known Use: 15th century

So, I go back to Addergoole, to some time in the past, and Mike VanderLinden.

Mike had known for months that things were going to go south with Judith, but the woman was so tight about her emotions, he couldn’t get her to say anything. It was when she walked into his studio and wrinkled her nose at him that he knew they could finally be done.

“Mammon,” she pronounced disdainfully.

“Yes, my love,” he grinned, lounging ostentatiously on the silk sheets, “but it’s what keeps a roof over your head.”

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